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I'm a Ger, husband, and father of four.

I enjoy learning Jewish law and thought. My studies are too undisciplined but b'ezras Hashem I have picked up a few things.

I believe Mi.Yodeya provides one of the most promising formats for Torah discussion online. While most online discussion depends on disagreement to continue, Mi.Yodeya allows one to give (or receive) a straightforward positive review of someone's answer or offer your own answer if others are not satisfactory. Interaction is allowed but controlled, and the talking past each other which can be the norm of Internet debate is bypassed.

I'm of the opinion that the best answers are the one's which resort to, and cite, primary sources and deal as thoroughly as possible with the question at hand while not coming across as giving practical instruction.

Answers which resort to secondary sources are at times necessary, but should be acknowledged, and the information should be summarized in one's own words. I don't think a link is an answer.

I think we can make this a place others want to visit to ask good questions and give good answers.

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