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My main beliefs, call it 'Zafarism', my own philosophic school:

I don't consider philosophy a science, I don't consider philosophy an art. In my opinion, being a philosopher isn't a profession and getting a degree in philosophy is useless. However, I believe that philosophizing is a basic need, and anyone who doesn't philosophize is hollow from the inside. However, what's worse than not philosophizing, is blindly following a famous philosopher's ideas, for any reason at all. Be original, stop plagiarizing and stop being lazy, 'create' your own philosophy, and don't be satisfied with a close approximation, just because it already exists. Ideas central to Zafarism:

  • A thirst for knowledge is the most important virtue in a human being

  • Religion is a burden, a burden which will gradually lessen as religion dissappears.

  • Absolute truth doesn't exist, the closest approximation to it is science.

  • The main problem with religion is that they're outdated, and if they aren't yet, they will be in due time. We as a species are dynamic, religion is static.

  • The best form of government is a direct democracy of some sorts, in combination with a meritocracy, not centered around success only in law, business and similar 'elitist professions' if you will, but success in any field, also the sciences.

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