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Uday Hiwarale

Uday Hiwarale is a student of Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IIT Indore), curruntly studying in 4th year of B.Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is curruntly working on a robotic project 'Pipe Inspection and Cleaning Robot' in his institute. He is interested in Space Science and Astronomy, Robotics, Industrial Engineering and Web Designing. His research areas are Alternative Fuels ( Particularly in Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines) and Product Design and Development. He started a personality development and motivational website www.brilliancy.tk where people can access variety of Articles, Videos and other links from internet easily to develope personality, increase self confidence and esteem. He is also the author of space science information website space-science.tk. At Space-Science.tk he discussed topics like Big Bang, Formation of Stars and Galaxies, Life of Stars and Chandrashekhar Limit, Black Holes-Worm Holes, Theories of Relativity, Time Travel and Time Machine etc.

SKILL & EXPERTISE: c++, java, python, matlab, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, JSON, JQuery, PHP, MySQ,L Twitter Bootstrap, JSP, MySQL, Server, Apache Server,Apache Tomcat, PHP server