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I am an M.D., M.P.H. student at a large university in the northeast US, graduating in 2015. I am engaged in Public Health activism and quality improvement initiatives, which I will continue alongside my future clinical practice in primary care. My undergraduate degree is in Biology.


I am a scientist who sees a necessity for the existence of an Unmoved Mover. Through logical argument, this has led me to a firm faith in the God of the Bible. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ from the gospels, but do not associate with any denomination or church, as I have been repeatedly disappointed in how many of them distort His words to fit what they want to believe. Small group Bible study is the best model for learning and discussing faith.


I support universal health care and political finance reform, with a robust revision of our political and economic policies that allow for the profound inequities within this nation.

I believe that the only solution to the issue of abortion is to promote contraception and aggressively address the socioeconomic stressors underlying the reasons why women decide to terminate pregnancies. Economic distress, limited healthcare access, employment instability, childcare unavailability, and domestic abuse are the primary reasons cited by the vast majority of women seeking abortion. When Christians demand abortion be illegal, but are unwilling to follow the commandments that Jesus gave on loving one another as oneself, caring for the poor, redistributing wealth to those in need, humility, avoiding excess... their hypocrisy causes others to reject Christ. Pseudo-Christians could be the greatest reason for atheism in this country.

The debate over abortion is similar to the war on drugs, which has failed astronomically - because it put its efforts into making drugs illegal and enforcing its legality, rather than investing all effort into solving the problem at its roots: the factors that influence the consumption of drugs in the USA. As the ravenous consumers of drugs, what right do we have to attack the producers and distributors of what we eagerly spend billions of dollars to ravenously consume?


I am a native English speaker married to a native Spanish speaker. I have been fluent in Spanish for 13 years, a Certified Healthcare Interpreter for 5 years, and initially came to Stack Exchange to continue refining the fine details and nuances of the language. Prior to learning Spanish, I had studied French for 9 years. More recently, I have begun to study Japanese.

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