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Top new questions this week:

What is the decisive point for classifying a certain speech as unacceptable?

How did it come to be determined that certain (hate) speech is unacceptable? What is the decisive point?

ethics freedom  
asked by Gonçalo Peres 龚燿禄 8 votes
answered by gonzo 9 votes

How do rationalists justify the scientific method?

From what I understand rationalism allows some knowledge to be acquired innately, and that rationalism was created as the opposite of empiricism. Since the scientific method assumes that knowledge is ...

epistemology philosophy-of-science rationalism  
asked by lmn32 8 votes
answered by Toby Peterken 15 votes

What is intelligence?

I am interested in studying AI, and I thought it would be a good idea to study the nature of intelligence before stepping into the field. I googled "books to read about intelligence", but it ...

artificial-intelligence intelligence  
asked by James Chung 5 votes
answered by CriglCragl 2 votes

Where does Schelling discuss the "bad" or spurious infinity?

I read in my Hegel Dictionary that Schelling also discusses a version of the "bad infinity" and gives as an example the repayment of debt by issuing more debt at the Bank of England. I just ...

reference-request infinity schelling  
asked by Nelson Alexander 4 votes
answered by Conifold 4 votes

Do modern philosophers of mind believe that thinking is a symbolic or visual process by nature?

Do some philosophers regard thinking as a symbolic process only because they don't actually think for themselves -- rather, like most of us, they are "having thoughts", their ...

knowledge knowledge-representation intuition idea thought  
asked by Yuri Alexandrovich 3 votes
answered by CriglCragl 1 vote

What is the Difference Between Mercy and Pity?

I am currently reading about euthanasia and encountered the argument that mercy is a morally different category from pity. It is written there, that mercy implies a "re-establishment of equality&...

ethics terminology  
asked by Klumpi 3 votes
answered by bluejayke 1 vote

What is freedom of speech?

There are various questions regarding freedom of speech, but didn't find any about what it really means. Therefore, what does it mean freedom of speech? Is it the right to say everything without ...

asked by Gonçalo Peres 龚燿禄 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why don't fair coin tosses "add up"? Or... is "gambler's fallacy" really valid?

I have always been perplexed by a seeming paradox in probability that I'm sure has some simple, well-known explanation. We say that a "fair coin" or whatever has "no memory." At each toss the odds ...

philosophy-of-mathematics probability  
asked by Nelson Alexander 111 votes
answered by Bumble 112 votes

Why does the universe obey scientific laws?

As far as anyone is aware, the universe consistently acts according to predictable laws (and scientific inquiry exists to determine those laws). Is there any metaphysical reason for this? Is such a ...

philosophy-of-science metaphysics  
asked by That Guy 56 votes
answered by Bobson 34 votes

What are examples of analytic a posteriori knowledge?

There is the analytic/synthetic distinction and the a priori/a posteriori distinction. These two distinctions form four types of knowledge: analytic a priori synthetic a priori analytic a posteriori ...

epistemology kant  
asked by usr 15 votes
answered by ju5tu5 11 votes

Why is Ayn Rand's Objectivism philosophy dismissed by academics?

This is a question in response to this other one that I asked. I didn't really get a satisfactory answer, mostly because it seems like Rand's work is largely ignored by academics. The highest voted ...

history-of-philosophy ayn-rand objectivism  
asked by RationalGeek 48 votes
answered by Lucretius 33 votes

Is there a name for the fallacy whereby the other party to the debate only suggests, does not articulate, what their point is?

Often, in a dispute, people only suggest their point without ever articulating it. An awful lot of people actually do that. This makes any rational debate impossible (if you second guess, they can ...

asked by Speakpigeon 13 votes
answered by Ted Wrigley 38 votes

What is the difference between Philosophy and Theology?

In attempting to wrap my mind around the basic vocabulary, concepts, and methods of philosophy, I find myself wondering what the difference is between a philosopher and a theologian. Theology (link ...

theology terminology  
asked by LightCC 9 votes
answered by Alexander S King 7 votes

What is the difference between metaphysics and ontology?

I know that ontology is a sub-field of metaphysics. But I can't see the difference between them. I mean ontology is defined as "The study of being and existence", and metaphysics is defined as "...

metaphysics ontology  
asked by wajed 56 votes
answered by Jaime Ravenet 37 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How does Davidson's Slingshot argument escape Russell's Theory of Definite Descriptions?

Hi I am trying to understand Davidson's Slingshot argument. Apparently it is said that Russell's Theory of Definite Descriptions does not face the problem that Davidson highlights. For instance, if we ...

logic bertrand-russell  
asked by Cherry Blossom Bomb 2 votes

Are there ethicists who defend the conclusion that "harm" be defined by the individual being harmed?

From WP: Some legal scholars... have argued that the traditional issues of free speech -- that "the main threat to free speech" is the censorship of "suppressive states", and that ...

ethics history-of-philosophy definitions pain-and-pleasure philosophy-of-political-science  
asked by Gonçalo Peres 龚燿禄 1 vote
answered by gonzo 0 votes

How do Advaitans respond to Hegel's Absolute Idealism?

I have read quite a bit of Hindu philosophy, particularly that of the Advaitan school, and I'm trying to improve my understanding of German Idealism. My understanding of Hegel's Absolute is that it is ...

hegel idealism german-philosophy hinduism  
asked by Charlie 1 vote
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