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Top new questions this week:

Is watching an amputated limb regrow proof of the supernatural?

A typical challenge skeptics present when confronted with claims of alleged miracles is "why won't God Heal amputees?". But, would that do the job? Consider the following thought experiment: ...

metaphysics theology proof skepticism miracles  
asked by Spirit Realm Investigator 11 votes
answered by Guy Inchbald 17 votes

If you used intuitionistic logic in real life, would you not sound absurd?

Intuitionistic logic does not include the law of the excluded middle and double-negation elimination. I imagine a real-life conversation with an intuitionist might go like this: Amy said you didn't ...

logic philosophy-of-mind philosophy-of-logic intuitionistic-logic  
asked by MaxB 11 votes
answered by Noah Schweber 23 votes

Is every world accessible to itself?

I just realized that for the proposition "If p is necessarily true then p is true", i.e. "box p implies p", to be a tautology, we need the condition that every world is accessible ...

asked by Janitha357 4 votes
answered by Bumble 8 votes

The debate around moral veganism

There is an ongoing debate around morality of food habit. Of this debate I have only heard one side, the side of the moral vegans. Bentham, Singer and others propose veganism based on utilitarian ...

ethics animal-welfare animals veganism  
asked by fogof mylife 3 votes

What philosophical approaches towards social philosophy and social relations do we know?

Personally I can name two scientifically oriented examples: In critical realism (M. Archer, T. Lawson, D. Elder-Vass, etc.) social relations are being studied on an intersubjective level as "an ...

philosophy-of-science reference-request dialectic philosophy-of-social-sciences critical-realism  
asked by Evgeniya 3 votes
answered by Will 2 votes

Does the Strong Anthropic Principle lead to Idealism?

I have to admit this question isn't very neatly thought out, but I've always been a bit puzzled by the Anthropic Principle. I realize there are various forms or "strengths" of the idea, and ...

epistemology cosmology berkeley  
asked by Nelson Alexander 3 votes

Why do many attach great significance to having read the original writings by philosophers?

Many of my conversations go like this. I express an opinion on a philosopher, and my friends ask, have you read the original work? I say no, but I have read many discussions and interpretations by ...

metaphilosophy learning-methods  
asked by J Li 2 votes
answered by J D 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do good explanations have to be true?

Is it so that whenever one gives an explanation to a question starting from 'why' or 'how' the explanation that we receive in return always is true in nature? From one perspective, an explanation is ...

epistemology philosophy-of-science truth  
asked by Fatima Yousafzai 6 votes
answered by Dan Hicks 7 votes

Which fallacy: "If white privilege exists, why did Elizabeth Warren pretend to be an Indian?"

I recently came across this meme. It's clearly a logical fallacy (the existence of one use of a socioeconomic tool other than white privilege does not preclude the existence of white privilege), but I'...

logic fallacies  
asked by mcating 21 votes
answered by Conifold 65 votes

Why is Ayn Rand's Objectivism philosophy dismissed by academics?

This is a question in response to this other one that I asked. I didn't really get a satisfactory answer, mostly because it seems like Rand's work is largely ignored by academics. The highest voted ...

history-of-philosophy ayn-rand objectivism  
asked by RationalGeek 46 votes
answered by Lucretius 31 votes

What is the moral difference between abortion and infanticide?

Many people accept abortion on the grounds that foetuses aren't persons, and that personhood is what defines the right to life. I've always been intrigued about what defines personhood; obviously ...

identity abortion personhood  
asked by natojato 47 votes
answered by Ted Wrigley 93 votes

What did Nietzsche mean by monsters and the abyss?

What do you think Nietzsche meant by "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you." (...

asked by Michael Lee 16 votes
answered by David Blomstrom 3 votes

What is the difference between Philosophy and Theology?

In attempting to wrap my mind around the basic vocabulary, concepts, and methods of philosophy, I find myself wondering what the difference is between a philosopher and a theologian. Theology (link ...

theology terminology  
asked by LightCC 9 votes
answered by Alexander S King 7 votes

What is the difference between "necessary" and "sufficient"?

What is the logical difference between something being necessary in order for something else to be true; as opposed to something being sufficient to make something else true. i.e. Fuel is sufficient ...

asked by eMansipater 20 votes
answered by eMansipater 25 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Concepts possession conditions

As a consequence of my growing interest in epistemology, I recently read some articles about concepts. The authors were originating from different fields, such as philosophy of mind, language and ...

philosophy-of-mind philosophy-of-language metaphilosophy concept  
asked by user47679 1 vote

How do we know that this is the truth?

I am not a philosophy student, academically. But I have watched a lot of videos and studied some of the content regarding the here and there philosophy of the existentialism, religion, relations of ...

philosophy-of-science philosophy-of-mathematics truth philosophy-of-physics philosophy-of-logic  
asked by user306288 1 vote
answered by Will 0 votes

How to do indirect proof (reductio ad absurdum) using natural deduction for modal logic?

I have been using Garson's Modal Logic for Philosophers, 2nd edition, to learn how to use natural deduction with modal logic. (BTW, does anyone know where there's an answer key for chapters 1 and 2 of ...

modal-logic proof  
asked by richard cameron 2 votes
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