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How to answer the common anti-ontologicaldeity existence argument involving a big rock

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How to answer the common anti-ontological argument involving a big rock

There is a common over-used argument ; If some Supreme benevolent Being exists that created everything and can effect anyone's life , the argument is, if this being is 'all-powerful' can the Being make a giant rock that is impossible to lift? Note; this sounds a lot like the argument involving an immovable object and an unstoppable force. What happens if an immovable object is met by an unstoppable force 'trying' to move the object? The answer here being by 'definition' if the immovable object is existing in 'this universe' the an unstoppable force can not also be existing in 'this universe'. And vis. versa. If a Supreme being is existing 'now' then an immovable object can not exist 'now'. So the question becomes if a Supreme Being can not cause a logically impossible situation to be existing in 'real' life does that mean this Being is limited?