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Why FredFreud and Nietzsche works are often compared?

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Why Fred and Nietzsche works are often compared?

I heard many times¹ Freud and Nietzsche named together, but I personally fail to understand a deep and detailed analogy between the two, beside the fact that both were revolutionary in their work, anticipating a modern view of human nature and society.

Is there something more I'm missing?

[1] For example, this is a quote from Freud's Wikipedia article:

He read Friedrich Nietzsche as a student, and analogies between his work and that of Nietzsche were pointed out almost as soon as he developed a following.[28] In 1900, the year of Nietzsche's death, Freud bought his collected works; he told his friend, Fliess, that he hoped to find in Nietzsche's works "the words for much that remains mute in me." Later, he said he had not yet opened them.[29] Freud came to treat Nietzsche's writings "as texts to be resisted far more than to be studied."