My name is Jamie, and I've been a contributor to this site for the past couple years. My interest in philosophy comes initially from my faith as a Catholic, but in my posts on this site I've aspired to the StackExchange standards of responding with objective material about our shared corpus.

I took some philosophy classes as an undergrad, and have since graduation done a fair amount of self study reading Plato, Augustine, Aristotle, Aquinas, and others. I also follow the History of Philosophy podcast, which I highly recommend. Participating in this community has also taught me a lot about the field of Philosophy.

In handling my review queues, I've generally done the following:

  1. Be patient and welcoming to new-comers, and explain how to improve the content they post
  2. Bias for closing questions, not as a signal that the effort is unwelcomed, but rather to signal that the question needs work, and others shouldn't post answers.
  3. Nudge people in the direction of objective questions and answers by making statements that are verifiable.