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What is Suicide to the Unconscious?

Sigmeund Freud beckoned the importance of the civilized man's unconscious incapability of acknowledging death.

We cannot, indeed, imagine our own death; whenever we try to do so we find that we survive ourselves as spectators. The school of psychoanalysis could thus assert that at bottom no one believes in his own death, which amounts to saying: in the unconscious every one of us is convinced of his immortality...

Reflections on War and Death, Our Attitude Towards Death by Sigmund Freud (1918)

So thus, what is the point of suicide to each individual? This isn't a question of how rational suicide is. It's about the unconscious connection with suicide. If everything originates from the unconscious mind, then the thought of suicide must also. Therefore, the unconscious must be thinking of its own death if to conjure an idea such as suicide.