Is "what's the point?" the same as asking "what is the meaning of life"? I know I said both phrases, so I should know right? But I feel the former much more than the latter. Is it absurd? If so, is Camus just "the bible" on how to respond to the absurd? I'm not sure I can be a true absurdist with my quasi religious beliefs.

Is having meaning in life enough to believe and feel that there is a point to life?

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    Why so? Asking "what's the point?" means to ask the reason for doing something. Jul 4 at 14:38
  • Good comment thanks @MauroALLEGRANZA so depends on if life is action. Anyway I ask just one question and then suggest an answer can be found in Camus, that's all.
    – user66697
    Jul 4 at 23:38


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