If the universe were at absolute zero, space-time exist? That is, does space-time require heat to exist?

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    Oct 21 at 4:00
  • According to Leibnizian space-time relationalism advocated by Mach and impressed by Einstein, they may never exist physically and ontologically even with non-absolute zero temperature. They're merely systems of relations that exist between objects, not unlike the system of relations between a father and his multiple children... Oct 21 at 5:39
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    Sounds like a physics question. Not sure why it's on the philosophy site.
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    Oct 21 at 8:23

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Spacetime without matter in it does not require the concept of temperature to exist.

Classical spacetime with matter in it does not require temperature either.

Quantum spacetime with matter in it imposes limits on how close you can get to absolute zero.

  • Nicely put. No further explanation needed, methinks. Oct 21 at 10:44

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