Technology is always progressing and science appears to be bottomless. But is there a limit to the needs and wants of a living being?

Our ancient ancestors weren’t that much different than us. I’m sure some of them wanted to fly like birds and humanity eventually achieved that.

It is also pretty likely that an ancient human at one point pondered how great it would be if he could vanish from a location and then appear at another one instantly, without having to take time to travel. This is called teleportation. We don’t know how to do that (yet?) but the concept has existed for all time.

Will humans ever have a need or want that hasn’t been thought of yet? Something we currently can’t imagine wanting or needing?

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Each new technology creates new needs associated with the technology. The introduction of horse riding made people want a more secure way to sit on a horse, leading to the stirrup. The introduction of spears led to people wanting a way to throw spears further, leading to the invention of spear throwers. The invention of the computer led people to want to play games on the computer, leading to the invention of the graphics card. The patent office has a long list of solutions to problems that were fairly new when the problem was solved, especially software patents.

Alternatively, in a more general sense, human desires have not changed in all that time. They still want love and/or respect, they still chafe at restrictions like time, space, and gravity, and have dreams of overcoming them. They still have enemies and dream of god-like powers to defeat them. In that more general sense, not much has changed.

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