Can you be in love with someone and not know who they are? I think no, that you would just be a clingy friend that expects sex.

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    You can be in love with the idea of someone; an imaginary person who satisfies an ideal. This is not always healthy though. Commented May 26 at 11:30
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    I submit that if you are in love its always the case that you dont know who the other is. If you did, they would not be a person you're in love with but a software you programmed
    – Rushi
    Commented May 26 at 11:34
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    I think you need to define what being "in love" means? Infatuation, having sex, puppy love, a deep bond... Commented May 26 at 12:03
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    Apparently, according to Philosophy, we can't know anything, so there you go.
    – Scott Rowe
    Commented May 26 at 12:06
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    lol @ScottRowe poor descartes always alone
    – andrós
    Commented May 26 at 12:18

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Of course, it would be hard to find a commonly accepted definition of love. But, I guess, people after 50 who are not any more under procreation pressure could tell you that their feeling of love is more immaterial than any other feelings, desires and thoughts that drive us through life. We love our wives for no logical reasons. We love what we do because it is the purpose of our life.

As correctly noted by Christianity, Love is the closest connection to our Creator we can experience in life.

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    Love huh, what a strange aspect of life.
    – andrós
    Commented May 26 at 13:56
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    Even more, the Creator Himself is Love. Commented May 26 at 19:47

"Can you be in love with someone ... [no, not if you] ... expect sex."

Sounds more like "Can you be in lust with someone..."

You can be attracted to someone (not necessarily just sexually) or you could be "infatuated", but I think loving someone requires knowing them.


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