No discipline can be entirely independent, however, to some degree, it must or else we would otherwise confuse all the different studies together. The separation in different studies kind of organize our areas of focus and helps keep us from thinking too abroad. For example, one can argue that language and imagination ( an anthropological suggestion ) is formerly the first sign of mathematical intelligence instead of regarding ( as nearly every mathematician would insist ) simple arithmetic operations as being the first. Both are correct because language and imagination inevitably lead to mathematical intelligence, yet the question is carried to a very obscure place where ( if we are going to think that abroad ) there would be far too many factors and possibilities to consider that we would eventually change course from the main focus.

My question is, the study of psychology and philosophy are separate fields that focus on different things but can they intermix to bring more clarity without the results being too broad and obscure?


Philosophy is separate from psychology because it's about explanations, not about what people happen to think at the moment.

Epistemology is about the growth of knowledge and so it is, in part, about how people ought to think if they want to create knowledge, it is not primarily about how they do think (psychology). In addition, knowledge often is not instantiated in the mind of any human being, e.g. - a computer program, a scientific paper. So then epistemology must be, in part about pieces of information that are not instantiated in the brain of any person.

Philosophy of physics also has nothing to do with psychology, it is about the implications of physical theories for what exists in reality. Likewise for philosophy of biology and so on.

  • Are you suggesting 'explanations' are not based on what people feel and think at the moments (perhaps even very long ones)? You have wrong understanding of psychology - it is not only about what you think at the moment, it is also about very long processes which can take years - midlife crisis and so so so on. – Asphir Dom May 9 '14 at 12:05
  • Last but not least almost all philosophical schools are based on psychologies of their creators. Pessimists optimists realists humanists. Saying that psychology is separate from philosophy is like saying that gun is separated from war. Wrong. – Asphir Dom May 9 '14 at 12:09

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