Lady Conway was a 17th century Philosopher. The SEP entry on her states:

Her concept of the monad, which is indebted to the Kabbalism, anticipates Leibniz.

I have only the slightest acquaintance with Jewish Kabbalism - and generally think of it as a part of Jewish mysticism or esoterism. How did the Kabbalah inspire her notion of a monad?

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You have to follow the traces ...

Anne Conway => Cambridge Platonists => Henry More => Renaissance Neoplatonism : mainly Marsilio Ficino and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola => rediscovery of "ancient wisdow" : Moises, Hermes, Cabala.

You can see at least the "classic" : See F.A.Yates, Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition (1964).

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