Which philosophers write about subjectivity? What are some primary sources for philosophical theories of subjectivity?

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I believe this comes under the general heading of "philosophy of mind."

The first two contemporary philosophers I can think of who write, specifically, about the nature of subjectivity:

Thomas Nagel, author of the essay, What is it like to be a bat?

Thomas Metzinger, author of The Ego Tunnel.


For a general overview of this very interesting subtopic in philsophy of mind:
What is it like to be a bat? by Thomas Nagel
Could love be like a heatwave? by Janet Levin
Knowing one's own mind by Donald Davidson
Individualism and self-knowledge by Tyler Burge
Anti-individualism and privileged access by Michael McKinsey

For further reading, you might considering checking out some of these as recommended by my philosophy of mind anthology:

enter image description here


Depending on what one means by "subjectivity", the answer is "pretty much all of them."

The question is so broad as to make an intelligent answer difficult.

That being said: if we want to point out a few of the more radical views, Nietzsche's dictum that there are no facts, only interpretations is certainly a noteworthy milestone, as is Wittgenstein's beetle-box thought experiment.


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