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What are some praise of Buddhism in philosophy?


Arthur Schopenhauer is probably the most notable example of a Western philosopher who praised ideas from the Buddhist tradition. He explicitly compared his own theory of the human will to the "Four Noble Truths" of Buddhism.

While American Transcendentalism was more of a cultural than a philosophical movement, that might be another case where prominent thinkers in the Western tradition engaged with and supported Buddhist ideas.

There are other important thinkers (e.g. Baruch Spinoza, Karl Marx) who may not have praised Buddhism directly, but for whom connections have been frequently drawn between their ideas and Buddhist ones.

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    Great Answer. It covers it well enough that rather than answer my own, I'd just like to add a few: There are also a number of philosophers who seem to have great affinity for Buddhist ideas within their distinctions; e.g. Camus, Heidegger, Nietzsche at times. Also some authors who are less academically accepted as philosophers - like Alan Watts, Johnathan Swift; Milan Kundera. Also Carl Jung was heavily influenced by The Tibetan Book Of The Dead.
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    Oct 8 '14 at 16:22

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