Having read Penguin Great Ideas : On the Shortness of Life, I am keen to read further works of Seneca. Can anyone recommend any publications?

I have stumbled upon Anger, Mercy, Revenge (Complete Works of Lucius Annaeus Seneca) which looks promising.

I am also interested in published commentaries on the work of Seneca.


I haven't read any specific works on Seneca but the Complete Works series looks like it might cover a good amount of ground. Just note that it looks like it's split into 3 books: Anger, Mercy, Revenge, On Benefits, and Natural Questions, rather than just one big book about all of Seneca's work (which you might think would make sense since not very many surviving works which are attributed to him).

Letters from a Stoic seems to have gotten mostly favorable reviews, as well as Stoic Philosophy of Seneca: Essays and Letters so you might consider checking those out as well if you are looking for alternatives.


The Loeb Classical Library has among others the complete works of Seneca one Page the original the facing page an English translation.


Letters to a Stoic is a very interesting read. I am 12 letters in and I believe there is over a hundred letters in all. Each one deals with specific themes and are written to his friend Lucilius.

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