Given a bad situation in a business interaction what do the systems of ethics say about the interactions? What are the ethics involved in social encounters by individuals protected from low quality products?

  • Should the goal be zero sum that both parties leave with what they came with?

  • Should one party be favored in the outcome?

  • What about when goods are not being exchanged but services? When a service is inadequate but complete who should be paid and how much?

  • What about when injury is involved to one party like bad medical devices or service?

My ethical dilemma is that I often find that good and services are not adequate to the standards of american life. Someone from a poorer country might view the service and business as above their quality standard but there is no way it would match their price point. That is to say the places around me in Illinois and in general on ebay and amazon are trying to rip me off and steal my money either by providing me broken items without disclosing the feature which is broken and allowing me to find it later or by proving sub par service by hiring only the minimal amount of people to perform service and not maintaining their places of business where I'm supposed to be enjoying myself. My main concern is the ethics of charge reversals when the merchant does not want the charge reversal but clearly failed to meet common standards. (then generalizing to things like FDIC and the like)

  • Could you make it clearer what specifically you believe the ethical question is? I'm having trouble deciphering quite what the issue is... so far it sounds like youtube.com/watch?v=bwvlbJ0h35A without any ethical principle behind them. – virmaior Oct 12 '14 at 2:14
  • @virmaior uh well i dont really think this is first world problems as people were sold horses with bad teeth a long time ago – user5375 Oct 12 '14 at 2:20
  • @virmaior the question is ethically how should the encounter happen? – user5375 Oct 12 '14 at 2:20
  • is the intervention by a third party to remedy the situation unethical? – user5375 Oct 12 '14 at 2:21
  • At the simplest level, what is the question? (Skip the poor country thing) Is the question, "are chargebacks every ethical to do?" or ??? – virmaior Oct 12 '14 at 2:26

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