I don't know much about Heidegger but I happen to like this concept very much. The feeling that we are "thrown" into this world.

I'm taking a class on creative writing and wanted to write something about this. But before I actually do it, I wanted to be informed about Heidegger's use of the word, and what it means to the philosophical community



That's a really broad question of sorts. But Gewörfenheit which you render as thrownness refers to Da-sein (for our purposes you can just think of this as "human beings" ) state of already being the world. In other words, we don't start out at the view from nowhere.

There are some corollaries for Heidegger that follow from this:

  1. Da-sein is always in motion propelled as it were.
  2. Da-sein is in motion towards our its death (this is the ultimate possibility for Da-sein)
  3. Da-sein is caught up in time.

Da-sein has no choice in any of this and just needs to figure out what it will do given this. For Heidegger, the answer is to be authentic about possibility #2 and understand our state in this way, accepting the limits of our existence...


Below is a link to an Heidegger dictionary which has an entry for 'throwness' (p.218) and, it is a free downloadable pdf as well. Happy trails![http://www.olimon.org/uan/inwood-a_heidegger_dictionary.pdf][1]


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