What are some good basic texts to study on Nihilism on your own. I am interested in knowing philosophy of Nihilism.

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Nihilism is not a single philosophy. “Nihilism” is used to describe any position in philosophy that supports there being nothing of a certain kind. It is used to refer to the views, among others, that:

  • nothing exists, a position in ontology (see this article in the SEP)
  • no compound objects exist, a position in mereology (see this article in the SEP)
  • nothing is morally wrong, a position in ethics (see this article in the SEP)
  • there is no meaning to life (see this article in the SEP)

If it is the last of these you are interested in, I recommend starting with Thomas Nagel's essay “The Absurd” in the Journal of Philosophy 68: 716–27, and reprinted in his book The View from Nowhere. You can probably find it also online. Similarly introductory is Simon Blackburn's excellent little book Being Good, in which Chapter 10 and other chapters discuss the meaningfulness or meaninglessness of life, and what kind of reasons there might be that life is not meaningless. For a classic discussion of meaninglessness which is less straightforward to read and more tied to concerns about the supernatural, see Albert Camus's The Myth of Sisyphus.

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