Is it wise to kill an insect just because it is wandering around your apartment or just because it is bothering you.

I've seen peoples killing small insects just because it is wandering/Jumping/Hiding in peoples apartment. I always wonder why people kill an insect, If it is not harmful. Just carefully take them away (Show them some other path).

People kill insect in two condition they might bite them or they may spread Disease.

But any insect isn't aware of that. It doesn't know whether its presence will create the disease in human race or its weird structure will scare the hell out of people. It's not its fault.

I googled "dangerous insects" and at the top I got web page titling "25 Most Dangerous Bugs In The World". Below is small text from the article

Termites : While they are not dangerous in the typical sense of the word as they play a critical role in the environment and even in some culture’s diets, they have the potential to cause major damage to crops and infrastructure.

Fine they have potential to damage your crops and infrastructure, But is it their fault. They are just trying to survive. Is it wise to kill an insect in such situations.

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