Arendt, in her book The Human Condition identified the 'rise of the social' as part of the movement of modernity; this is an expansion of the private sphere of the household (oikos) into the public sphere (polis); the public sphere where action is actually possible (by this Arendt means political action - her archetype is the Greek polis and the citizen who acts in the public sphere; and it is by his actions there that he is noted as a citizen).

The social is also named by mass - mass-media, mass-education etc.

Q. Can we say that social media is it's latest manifestation? For virtually, we appear to live in a many-mansioned house.

Q. Supposing there is such a thing as feminine morality or ethic (not neccessarily tied to females); and tied to the oikos (home, household); does this help explain its rise, given the expansion of the oikos at the expense of the polis; and recalling that the word oikos lies at the root of the words ecology and economy.