Intertextuality is defined here. It is a way to enrich a text by using reference to another text.

What would be a good reference on this subject?


Gérard Genette, Paratexts : Thresholds of Interpretation (1997 - original French ed.Seuils, 1987).

See also : Palimpsests : Literature in the Second Degree (1997 - original French ed.1982).



There are always other words in a word, other texts in a text. The concept of intertex- tuality requires, therefore, that we understand texts not as self-contained systems but as differential and historical, as traces and tracings of otherness, since they are shaped by the repetition and transformation of other textual structures. Rejecting the New Critical principle of textual autonomy, the theory of intertextuality insists that a text cannot exist as a self-sufficient whole, and so, that it does not function as a closed system. (María Jesús Martínez Alfaro, 'Intertextuality : Origins and Development of the Concept', Atlantis, Vol. 18, No. 1/2 (Junio - Diciembre 1996), pp. 268-285 : 268.)

This agrees with your reference; I include it to get a concise statement of the concept on screen.


There's a wealth to choose from :

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