I don't know if method questions are as allowable as content questions, but I am seeking conversational partners to riff on and analyze ideas with as I wend through philosophical inquiries. Because I am a converser not typer at heart, I am looking for a way to find someone to have one-on-one (not group) verbal conversations (not typed) - whether by phone, skype, even face-to-face if within an hour's drive or less of Walpole NH. (Phone would be easiest.)

Is this achievable, is there any resource for finding conversational partners? I'm guessing that the answer is no, but one has to ask.


Check out the MeetUps website. There are philosophy groups, through perhaps not near Walpole, NH. You can start a local group and even a phone conference. I know at least one in NYC (I think called Lyceum) that was doing some Skype meetings. Another obvious approach would be to check out nearest schools and maybe hit the bulletin boards to drum up your own discussion group. You could start your own blog and chat on any number of social media sites. Sounds like it will just take some lead organizing on your part, but otherwise doable. Personally, I don't care for phones...

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    This can actually work. I started a local (Columbus OH) philosophy group on Meetup and a version of that group is still going strong over 10 years later (even without any involvement from me in more recent years). – Chris Sunami May 16 '16 at 17:36

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