I was wondering, what are some philosophical arguments for vegetarianism that are not hedonistic. I understand the hedonist's argument for vegetarianism, however I would like to understand a different one. For example, how would Schopenhauer argue vegetarianism. I would like as many diverse arguments as possible.

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Schopenhauer's On the Basis of Morality ~ morality stems from sentient compassion

  • It follows that by not exercising compassion towards all sentient creatures, one is being immoral by definition.

Preference utilitarianism ~ the least amount of suffering for sentient beings

  • Unnecessary non-human suffering is still suffering (granted this would not be the case for humanely slaughtered animals)

Buddhist philosophy ~ compassion (in a nutshell) towards all beings

  • Although, the brass tacks of vegetarianism in Buddhism is the first precept to abstain from killing (of this kind). It can get complicated between different Buddhist schools, so take these brief words with a grain of salt, and know it is only meant generally.

Lastly, there is a "food-ethics" tag on Quora. This question website is better overall for exploring questions informally. That being mentioned, here are few sources for a more thorough understanding:

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