I've been reading about a lot of different types of philosophies, religions, ways of thinking etc. I was wondering what are the most recently created philosophical ways of looking at the universe? Where can one find out about new cutting edge ideas?

Example: Before we had Marxism, Communism, Zen, Christianity etc. Now X,Y, and Z have been created building on and evolving the ideas of A,B,C.

Everything I read about are ideas that were created a long time ago. What is new and updated?

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    First off, welcome to philosophy.SE. "new" and "updated" are pretty different categories. Also, can you explain a bit more why you're specifically interested in new ideas? (my non-answer version is that many ideas are thought either anew or originally every day, but few of these stand up to even the slightest degree of scrutiny or get a following that keeps them in our social consciousness).
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  • Hi, and thanks for the welcoming. My main interest in new ideas comes from a couple different angles. One is that many ideas that I find are just rehashed or slightly altered versions. The other is that I lack a firm understanding of the philosophical world of study and how ideas are constructed and formalized. I also don't want to waste to much time learning about old ideas that have already been "disproved" or re-examined. Commented Nov 26, 2016 at 2:23
  • I doubt you'll find a significant idea in philosophy younger than a few centuries. If you look carefully you'll see that nearly all ideas have been disproved or refuted, and I feel your approach of avoiding learning about them is a good one,. albeit it is a good idea to know ones enemy and understand what doesn't work before moving on to what does.
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Some very quick arrows:

  1. Speculative realism (Meillassoux)
  2. Object oriented ontology (Harman)
  3. Non-philosophy (Laruelle)
  4. Geotraumatics (Negarestani)
  5. Neo-reaction (Land)
  6. Accelerationism (Srnicek/Williams)

Clearly there are 10,000s of philosophers doing original research. They vary in terms of their originality, esteem, etc., as well as how history will judge these qualities (-- your guess is as good as mine).

I was recommended Passmore's Recent Philosophers, a little analytic philosopher primer, published in the mid 80s. I like e.g. Goodman. More contemporary thinkers are, as Joseph says, about, but will only appear in popular / 1st year philosophy as a footnote.

If you're intrigued about philosophical movements, camps, trends, or trailblazers, then Joseph's answer would be useful place to start with that.


You might be interested to read through this, on the 50 most influential living philosophers https://thebestschools.org/features/most-influential-living-philosophers/ I certainly found it interesting for finding recent thinkers on the topics that interest me

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