Kant says that understanding makes nature, and he also says that in transcendental idealism that we create knowledge by our mind. So I think that these two can be related.

But I am confused whether Kant may be called a supporter of enactivism which holds that we selectively create our environment.

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    The whole point of Kant's philosophy is showing how and why there are necessary connections between the two stems of knowledge, sensibility and understanding: through the forms of intuitions, categories, and schematism (interesting for the question though: the role of the spontaneous imagination). Basically, we may err in perception, but we do not choose what to perceive. Also, would you mind finding the corresponding quotes for your claims about Kant? (I think they are broadly correct, but it would do less work for answers) – Philip Klöcking Dec 9 '16 at 15:31

No, not given the notions of noumenon and phenomenon. The environment is already created by its origins in noumena. But our view of that environment is influenced by our interactions with phenomena. So we are only creating our interpretation of reality, not reality itself.

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