I went to a charity event recently, and the chair stood up and said

My son is autistic, and I believe in Zeigzigler's Philosophy. That if you do good things to other people, they'll do good things to you.

Now on a simplistic level - this appears to be a Karmic idea. But I wanted to find the origin of what he was quoting. All my google searches came up with nothing. (Perhaps I'm spelling it wrong).

Has anyone heard of a worldview that sounds (phonetically) like this?

My question is: What is the common term for "Zeigzigler's Philosophy"?


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The common term is "opinion" as it is misnomer to use the term "philosophy" to describe a way of looking at the world. Synonyms include perspective, zeitgeist, weltanschauung, weltbild or world-view, paradigm, sentiment, interpretation et cetera.

If you are looking for the Baptist Republican motivational speaker, you'll want to look up Zig Ziglar.

Note that philosophy translates from the Greek to respect (or virtue, reverence, love) for obtaining knowledge (wisdom). As a way of looking at things does not obtain knowledge, the term philosophy is misused to describe or categorize what Ziglar offers. Consider that if a way of looking at things obtained knowledge then an oasis and a mirage would be epistemically and ontologically equivalent. They are not.

It may be perfectly reasonable to believe "That if you do good things to other people, [then] they'll do good things to you" and acting according to such a maxim may even work for you, however, such is not philosophy.

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