My pet duckling plays alone in the veranda, eats there and stays there; I do not put it in a cage. Every morning I go visit it, and at my sight I sense it feels a rush of emotion and promptly starts towards me, and never again wants to leave me. But the fact that I sense this emotion in it, doesn't it signify that deep in my mind I am attributing emotions of human to it? Doesn't it signify that I just think the duckling to be anthropomorphic, whereas in all consistent models of reality this assumption could be a falsity?

Speaking of models of reality, how do I know the duckling I see today is the one whom I saw yesterday? I mean, I know absolutely nothing about it, how it expresses what it thinks, how it expresses what it feels, even what it's facial features are. I could never distinguish it in a flock of ducklings. How come this is true that I could always recognize it, while it plays alone in my veranda? I could always recognize it, just because it was alone in the veranda, and no other duckling was there? Just because it starts towards me at my sight, perhaps even when amongst a flock of ducklings, that I could know it's the duckling which stays with me?

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