While lecturing about DesCartes' thoughts regarding the pineal gland (where the "soul" is attached to the body) Professor Searle mentions a similar line of thinking in the work of neurophysiologist and philosopher Sir John "Jack" Eccles. In the lecture, Searle goes on to say that he and Eccles debated each other and that the debate was televised in Britain. Does anyone know of the program ("Voices"?), the existence of a copy or a transcript? So far the following is all I have discovered in reference to the debate:

Reviewing an episode of the Channel 4 series Voices: "On the one hand, Sir John Eccles, a quiet-spoken theist with the most devastating way of answering questions with a single "yes", on the other, Professor Searle, a flamboyant atheist using words I've never heard of or likely to again "now we know that renal secretions synthesize a substance called angiotensin and that angiotensin gets into the hypothalamus and causes a series of neuron firings". " Peter Dear, 'Today's television and radio programmes', The Times, February 22, 1984; pg. 31; Issue 61764; col A.

I'm nowhere near UC Berkeley's Moffit Library Media Center, but I understand they have a copy there...?


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