I overheard a friend say:

We have progressed as a society to the point where the Judeo-Christian morality that once benefited us now holds us back. We have to pull up the ladder of XXX.

(I didn't hear what the XXX was - but apparently this has a name).

My question is: What is the name of the viewpoint of 'pulling up the ladder of Judeo-Christian morality'?


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Wittgenstein's ladder may be the ladder you need. It's a process, described in the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, where each step prepares you to understand the next step, but should be discarded after you've gotten past that point. It's similar to Plato's idea of the "noble lie," a deliberate falsehood meant to move you closer to a deeper truth, but with the explicit addition that the lie is only a step on the way.

If so, then your friend is saying that Judeo-Christian morality has gotten us somewhere, if not directly to the dissolution of itself, then perhaps to a material society where it's no longer needed.

Whether or not your friend means this I don't know.

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