So I dont know why but I am starting to get these questions in mind..let's see..where to start..

So at first I think it started from me thinking about life and death...you get born into this world, then you die and lose consciousness...I started questioning about what the meaning in life is if we die one day and cease to exist..

Then I started thinking about immortality. Maybe there is some meaning in life if we are immortal? Then I got this thought- what if we find God and colonize the entire universe/multiverse...what will it fundamentally change? What is the meaning in this existence.

Why find God? Even if we do find some power called God, what will it fundamentally change? We will just have more knowledge about him. Then what?

What is the meaning in existence itself? Why should anything exist?

Normally people may say that the knowledge you gather in life is supposed to be passed on to the younger generations. But why that to? Why should humanity even exist? If every organism from Earth disappear one day, what will it change?

These are the questions...and I can't seem to find an answer. Is all the stuff about colonizing the universe that we humans do done on a whim? Out of curiosity?

Then why be curious either? Why should I be curious about finding the answer to what I am asking you here? Even if I know the answer....then what?

I know this kind of sounds like a weird concept but this is the best way I can explain it..

Why does anything exist anyway? Shouldn't there be nothingness?

I dont know...I hope you guys know an answer to this... :D

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