I'm not a theist. In fact, I've come to despise the monotheistic religions. However, I have some admiration for Eastern religions, such as Buddhism, which strikes me as crossing the boundary between religion and philosophy. On the other hand, I don't really know much about Buddhism.

I admire atheists in the sense that they dare to take a stand against the big religious powers, but I don't really care for the concept of atheism.

It would seem that I'm by default an agnostic, but that term seems somehow awkward, too.

I have a reverence for Nature and often think of Earth and maybe even the entire universe as a living thing, arguably comparable to "God."

Is there a term for people like myself, other than agnostic?


You don't have to fit into any of those categories at all. That too is an option. A new born baby is not in any of the categories you listed. An atheist must reject the existence of a God. The agnostic is unsure if there is a God and willing to possibly accept a God exists provided good reasons or strong scientific proof. The theist already believes God exists. You like the new born child are not in any of the above categories. How about non-involved as a term?


A fool is someone who claims to know what they don't know. There is nothing blamable in not knowing, provided one admits it. And so does not mislead others, or cause problems. I would say, by the older view, to be agnostic means the same thing as to be prudent. Though, I don't suppose referring to oneself as a "prudential" would make a brilliant splash. Perhaps one might say, an empiricist. And if asked to explain, "I don't know that there is not a god, the question lies outside my experience, and so I am not an atheist." Or, in the positive form, in my experience "earth" etc., is the closest thing to a god.

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