I'd like to learn about individualist anarchism. Do you know a free online resource for this? Who are contemporary philosophers working on this subject? Is there an online forum for individualists?

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    What have you found out so far? Generally speaking, the more information you give, the more likely it gets that someone will take the time to answer your question.
    – iphigenie
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  • I just searched the phrase in google and read some of the results. I am looking for some experts' advise for further study.
    – user2988
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As a person, who studied anarchism a bit, i can assure you there's nothing wrong to start from Wikipedia page on individualist anarchism.

The early individual anarchists were Max Stirner and Benjamin Tucker. I recommend Stirner's The Ego and Its Own, it's an easy read and proved way more interesting than Nietzsche or Ayn Rand. Proudhon is also a major inspiration for individualist anarchism for his accounts on market economy.

For the full view you may also look at Marx's critique of Stirner in The German Ideology (part III: Saint Max) and communist anarchists' view on individualist anarchism on An Anarchist FAQ.

Today individualist anarchists arguably developed into 3 currents: Neo-mutualism (advocated by the likes of Kevin Carson), agorism and so-called anarcho-capitalism. Communist anarchists reject the last branch, and Konkin also critiqued Rothbard.

Sites, where individualist anarchists hang out include Alliance of the Libertarian Left and Center for a Stateless Society. Check out also Reddit sections Agorism and MarketAnarchism.


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