At certain points in history some authoritarian regimes have proposed points of view that opposed individual rationalism. (To give too much detail might invoke Godwin's law - but categorising that behaviour is becoming more important.)

An open minded point of view might say this is merely behaviourism.

My question is: What is the name of the belief that acting ("the Will") is better than thinking?

  • Well, Bernard Shaw's character says "People who are able to do something well can do that thing for a living, while people who are not able to do anything that well make a living by teaching", this sentiment is not specific to irrationalism or anti-individualism or behaviorism(???). That the Will is the root of all being is Schopenhauer's philosophy but your phrasing is so strange I am not sure this is anywhere near what you want. "Better"? In what way? – Conifold Dec 18 '17 at 0:18
  • I'm sorry, the correct name for what you describe appears to be voluntarism. Nevertheless, I think you will find it very helpful to know of Lukacs' use of vitalism. You might also find this book interesting: Hans Kohn, "The Mind of Germany" (1960) free on Internet Archive. If you ever get to read Lukacs' Destruction of Reason, you can see an interesting, updated parallel in Habermas: Title: The philosophical discourse of modernity : twelve lectures, Author Habermas, Jürgen. Publisher:MIT Press,Pub date:c1987. – Gordon Dec 18 '17 at 15:38
  • Kohn's book: archive.org/details/mindofgermanythe002407mbp As as practical matter, it's good to be aware of Karl Leuger, he has a Wikipedia. – Gordon Dec 18 '17 at 16:05

Gyorgy Lukacs would have probably used the name vitalism, but he tended to overburden this word I think. See, "On Heidegger's Nazism & Philosophy" p. 149, by Tom Rockmore; and G. Lukacs' "Destruction of Reason". I would have never thought to mention behaviorism in a post such as yours, but I think it's brilliant. One time I tried to read B.F Skinner's "Beyond Freedom & Dignity", and as I began to read between the lines it disturbed me so much I had to stop reading it. I became very suspicious of behaviorism after getting a little dose of Skinner.

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