So, I couldn't really find any resources on this online, so I am looking for recommendations. What I am looking for is a philosophy book meant for somewhere around moderately experienced readers, sorted topic wise, in the format of taking up a particular topic, say something like Moral Realism, discussing a few variations/schools of thought in that field, and the interpretations or actual texts of philosophers representing their view on that topic, and then moving onto the next, related/similar topic. The problem with most introductory texts to philosophy is that they are either categorised history-wise, starting from the Greeks, or philosopher-wise, taking one philosopher, explaining what he/she is best known for, and moving on, completing a pile of not-too-much in depth, but a finished overview, of different philosophers. Also, books that inculcate Eastern/African/any other non-Western philosophy would also be an additional bonus. Not looking for philosophical puzzle/challenge books, but those that delve into schools of thought, isms, etc. and give detailed arguments for and against them.

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The Analects by Confucius. To understand it is really by taking the time to understand. Morality is that it's self anyways.

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