On the accounts of many Doctors of Philosophy specialising in Meta-Ethics, the philosophical landscape is notoriously hard to taxonomise. What are the best comprehensive guides to Meta-Ethics. I have in mind things such as collections of key essay, " X's introduction-to" and authors potential work on the general area (rather than a specific aspect of it).

Any recommendations will be much appreciated!

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I'd say that the general overview can be taxonomized relatively well. There's even reasonable flowcharts, like you'll find in Alex Miller's Contemporary Metaethics (see here). For general introduction, a short standard paper would be Finlay's overview. For constructivism, Street has an overview. Miller's and Fisher's introductory books are supposed to be good.

(By the way: r/ethics has changed mods. They made a huge FAQ with reading lists. Part of it is metaethics. See here)

I believe the main issue comes with theories on reasons or on motivation. Detailed accounts which try to maneuvre around problems resist getting put neatly into categories.


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