I'm reading an academic article in German about Nietzsche and I really need to check the texts the author refers to, however I have no clue what "GA" refers to, even after checking the list of German titles of Nietzsche's books... Anyone have an idea?

In the link I gave an example of it, hope somebody can figure ou out!

Thanks :^)

example in article


I don't know much about Nietzsche. I can only tell you that in German the abbreviation GA usually stands for “Gesamtausgabe” (= collected works).

According to this list here there's no single work by Nietzsche which is abbreviated by “GA”. It would also be weird to do that, because of the confusion for German speakers: GA = “Gesamtausgabe” is a pretty standard abbreviation.

  • ahh yes that must be it, thanks so much! – plasticblue May 16 '18 at 15:44

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