About Thomas S. Kuhn, In the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy I read:

Early on Kuhn drew a parallel with Quine's thesis of the indeterminacy of translation (1970a, 202; 1970c, 268)

Which is the Kuhn's original source


this is referred to?

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See T.Kuhn, “Reflections on my Critics”, in Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge, Imre Lakatos and Alan Musgrave (editors), Cambridge University Press (1970).

See page 268, with ref to Quine (1960) : Word and Object.

And see also T.Kuhn, SSR (1962, 2nd ed. 1970) :

  • Preface, page viii: "W.V.O. Quine opened for me the philosophical puzzles of the analytic-synthetic distinction [ref. to "Two Dogmas of Empiricism," reprinted in From a Logical Point of View (Cambridge, Mass., 1953)]";

  • Postscript (1969), page 202: "The already classic source for most of the relevant aspects of translation is W.V.O. Quine, Word and Object (Cambridge, Mass., 1960)".

The ref T.Kuhn (1970a) that is missing into SEP's entry Bibliography, is the second edition (1970) of SSR.

  • This book is a very good summary of all sides of this particular argument, if you can still find it.
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