This is more a request than a question. I would like to read Russell's The Logic of Relations in which he uses Peano's notation. I'm looking for a text available online which would explain thoroughly the notation, at least for the purpose of reading Russell's essay. Thank you in advance.

(Just in case: The SEP entry on the notation of PM is clearly insufficient in this regard)


For Peano, see : G.Peano, Arithmetices principia (1889) with : Hubert Kennedy (editor), Selected works of Giuseppe Peano and Jean Van Heijenoort (editor), From Frege to Gödel: A Source Book in Mathematical Logic, 1879-1931, page 83-on, for English translations.

For Principia, you can see Glossary of Principia Mathematica as well as W&R, Principia Mathematica to *56.

Also useful : Evgeny A. Zaitsev, An interpretation of Peano's logic (1993).

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