I first heard about so-called properly basic beliefs in the context of discussions about belief in God. Moreover, when I do a Google search for the term "properly basic belief," I get a bunch of results having to do with Christianity and God.

So, I am curious, was the notion of PBB invented in a religious context? Who came up with it, originally?

Obviously, Plantinga is one of its chief champions. Was he the one who originated it?


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    The term is coming from the so-called "reformed epistemology", of which Plantinga is the best known proponent, others are Alston and Wolterstorff. It is a theological movement focused on rationality of religious beliefs. I think Kenny used it in a 1982 lecture where he discussed what came to be known as RE before it was officially so named in 1983. Plantinga traced the idea back to Calvin, and later even to Aquinas. – Conifold Sep 8 '18 at 0:26

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