Objectives never happens, but [I think] that is expected.

Does the UN, US, EU, CN, IN... have objectives for +5, +10... +100 years?

What/Where is the objective?

Is the UN or any National Governments evolving Open and Agile objectives? Objectives for society, economy, education, health... evolution, which globally governments, academia, industry... provide a common workspace for sharing achievements. Building a future with evolving practical requirements and resources that does not lock-in any irrational political, religious, national... dogma.

IOW — The start and path are temporally defined relativistically to current (future) events. The end objective is undefinable, an infinite point in TimePlace/TimeSpace.

Practical... Clean water, food, housing, health, education, peace... space exploration....

Impractical... Oppression, empire, war, rational dogma... survivalist, control....

Current Reality is Dogma Affected, which is not actually effective (IMO). Hence, Utopia was removed from the question.

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  • You may want to study the philosopher Ernst Bloch. Wayne Hudson, "The Marxist Philosophy of Ernst Bloch" amazon.com/Marxist-Philosophy-Ernst-Bloch/dp/1349042927 Keep in mind that Bloch is more Bloch than he is Marxian. He is a rather unique figure. Try to get a grip on his philosophy of the "not yet". This will also require an understanding of Goethe's Faust to understand parts of Bloch. – Gordon Sep 21 '18 at 4:16