My understanding is that master and slave morality arose out of an earlier distinction between Good and Bad, rooted in heroic, aristocratic values – the glorious, powerful and strong versus the mediocre, weak and poor. In that earlier distinction, the master considered good as a reference to a person who possessed characteristics such as nobility, strength, health, and wealth; whereas bad was a reference to the poor, weak, and unhappy. Contrarily, the slaves were passive and reactive: their morality was a reaction to the master’s way of living and valuing.

The slaves 'invented' the Christian God as a powerful being on their side. At what point exactly in the development of slave vs. master morality did the slaves 'create' God? During the slave revolt, prior to it, or from the beginning? Resources got me confused as to when entered the picture.

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    Well, I wouldn't say those were slaves who invented God. Those were masters who wanted to control the crowd. – rus9384 Oct 29 '18 at 6:32

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