There is a debate going on about Ernesto Laclau's argument that

any repetition that is governed by a structural law of successions is space

But what does he actually mean by that?

  • Would you have a source for the quote? This would help focus the question. Welcome to this SE! – Frank Hubeny Nov 9 '18 at 17:50
  • Politics and space/time, Doreen Massey. in Theory and Methods, Critical Essays in Human Geography, ed. C. Philo 2008 - quoted and discussed. – sand1 May 25 at 14:12

Without being aware of the specific controversies that this brings up, I take his statement to be a definition of the mathematical notion of "space". For example: real numbers space, prime numbers space, Cartesian space, "the consumer space" vs "the business space", etc.

Note that this is only sometimes associated with physical space (as in, "more space in your living room / space in your closet") and only sometimes with outer space (as in, space travel / space ship).

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