I am in rush to finish this homework and have tried inputting my problems into several truth table solvers. I keep getting error messages, which solver should I use and how do I change my statements on the homework in order to prevent getting errors. Here are examples of the problems in my homework.


P v Q

Q -> R /..S v R

  1. R & S

  2. S -> P /..P

(P v Q)->R Q /..R

I am using the textbook Critical Thinking Moore and Parker 11e.


There are three different arguments.

The first one has four propositional variables : P, Q, R, S. Thus, we need four initial columns for them; then three more columns (one for each premise) and a final one for the conclusion.

Thus, 8 columns in total.

For the number of rows, the formula is 2 raised n, where n is the number of propositional variables. For n=4, we need 16 rows.

The other two have only three propositional variables and are simpler.

See Truth Tables method.

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