Could anyone please recommend a book to begin to learn about Meinong's theory of objects and "Meinong's Jungle". I thought a good one might be "Meinong's Theory of Objects and Values" by Findlay (1963), but I can't find even a used copy anywhere that isn't prohibitively expensive.


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I have Findlay's book but do not recommend it. It is an early work, not one of mature exposition, and hardly luminous in its clarity. Its scholarship is also now unavoidably dated.

Try :

Grossmann, Reinhardt : Meinong (Arguments of the Philosophers). ISBN 10: 0710078315 / ISBN 13: 9780710078315 Published by Routledge Kegan & Paul, 1974.

Also of use :

Swanson, Carolyn : Reburial of Nonexistents: Reconsidering the Meinong-Russell Debate (Value Inquiry Book) (Central European Value Studies). ISBN 10: 9042033649 / ISBN 13: 9789042033641 Published by Rodopi, 2011.

More venturesome :

Lambert, Karel: Meinong and the Principle of Independence: Its Place in Meinong's Theory of Objects and its Significance in Contemporary Philosophical Logic (Modern European Philosophy). ISBN 10: 0521271991 / ISBN 13: 9780521271998 Published by Cambridge University Press, 1983.

All of these are easily available at non-outrageous prices.


Some references :

To be published :

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