Because we, only by inductive reasoning, are sure about next moment 'happening' (or more precisely, not worried about it not happening), does this mean that there is no logical guarantee that next moment (universe, consciousness, existence or perhaps anything we can perceive) will certainly happen?

  • There are a least two definitions of "induction". Which one are you refering to? If I understand correctly you are basically asking for a justification of the correctness of induction? – Boris E. Jan 27 at 10:54
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    Isn't there kind of a guarantee that the next moment eventually won't happen? How would induction deal with that? Induction, in general, is not a useful concept. We presume 'ceteris paribus, status quo' -- unless something happens, things will not change. This is not based on experience, it is just the fallback position you have to take unless you know something. What we think of as induction is just tempering hasty generalization with appropriate skepticism. – jobermark Jan 27 at 19:16
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    We are not sure about anything, period. – Mauro ALLEGRANZA Jan 27 at 20:07
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    we are sure that something will happen: a new instant or the end of time. – Francesco D'Isa Jan 27 at 22:37
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    @Mauro Are you being ironic? How can you be sure? – Joachim Jan 27 at 23:24

there is no guarantee that the previous moment happened (you could have just spawned will implanted memories), or that the next will happen (it's just unseen and therefore unlikely).

There is no guarantee either that time flows from past to future. We could be in a sort of movie watched in reverse and would have no way of knowing it. The movie tape analogy helps with these time issues.

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    Can you revise the first sentence? – Mark Andrews Jan 27 at 22:42
  • Not really, "there is no guarantee that the previous moment happened," is a contradiction in terms. Plus, proposing that "previous moment" was merely an implant does not imply it did not happen. In fact, it did happen, precisely, as an implant. – Bertrand Wittgenstein's Ghost Jan 27 at 23:59
  • @BertrandWittgenstein'sGhost I dont see the contradiction in terms, please elaborate. In the spawning case, the previous moment didnt happen for you cause you didnt exist at that moment. It didnt exist as you think it did either. It may not exist at all if the entire universe was spawned. – Manu de Hanoi Jan 28 at 0:35
  • @MarkAndrews I added parenthesis, if that was the issue – Manu de Hanoi Jan 28 at 0:36

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