Can any body help me to know how to keep my motivation on track . sometimes it goes too high and too low. I think Watching videos reading books won't help us , how can we be good at something do we need love ,motivation and dedication towards the work?. which one of them can make us good at something , Is there any standard answer for this question in philosophy.

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  • You can also read some biographies of Machiavelli. Florence was his inspiration. Of course he also needed work and money. – Gordon Jan 30 at 21:56
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...passion plays the dominant role in motivating action...

...according to David Hume, as explained in this article published by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Cited as a primary source, is David Hume: A Dissertation on the Passions; The Natural History of Religion, Tom L. Beauchamp (ed.), Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2007. [Originally published in 1757.]

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