I am working on an idea between the soul, and the mind; relating to the unconsciousness, and consciousness.

According to this article from the web it states that depression may very well be caused by repression. This is the article

Are there any philosophical groups, that possibility believed in the a part of the soul which subdues the facilities of the mind? No I am not superimposing that unconsciousness, is a representation of the soul, and so on.

  • It is unclear what you mean by the "mind", reason is generally taken not to have any faculties with motive force that would need to be "subdued". Plato described the soul as a chariot driven by virtues and vices with the charioteer being the reason (mind?). Freud was fond of this allegory, and replaced vices by Id (the unconscious), virtues by SuperEgo (conscience), and the reason by conscious Ego. Sentimentalists describe emotions as the main source of the "willing" – Conifold Feb 9 at 7:26

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